How to Use Locally to Increase Your Online Presence and Drive New Business


Locally is a digital media and online listing platform that helps local businesses grow online by connecting them with potential customers. It works by leveraging the power of social media and online listings to boost search engine visibility, improve foot traffic and help businesses compete with larger chains and organizations.

LCaaS: Local Cloud as a Service

A local cloud is a type of cloud computing that allows end-user organizations to consume cloud infrastructure and applications from within their local area network without any physical connections to the cloud provider. The cloud service provider maintains the underlying hardware and software required to run local cloud services, and the end user organization consumes the infrastructure services as if they were any other cloud service, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.

LCaaS is becoming more popular with end-user organizations as it offers significant cost savings and performance advantages over other cloud platforms. Unlike public cloud, which requires that the infrastructure be hosted in a data center and that the cloud provider perform routine maintenance, the LCaaS model offers greater flexibility and ease of management as the service is accessed from within the local network, thereby offering a more personalized, local experience for end-users.


A positive review is a great way to show potential customers that you are the right choice for their needs and will provide excellent service. Reviews also have a strong impact on local search results, so generating and responding to online reviews is an important part of any local business’s SEO strategy.

Getting Reviews:

Having a consistent approach to generating and managing reviews is key to building your online reputation. While it may take some time and work, consistent effort can pay off in a big way by increasing your online visibility and improving search ranking.

Google Business Profile:

Creating and managing a Google Business Profile is free and easy. It provides your business with a listing on Google Maps and the ability to manage your business details including hours, contact information and more.

The goal of Google Business Profile is to increase your online presence and drive new business by showcasing your company’s features and services to customers searching for those products and services in your location. It also provides you with the opportunity to build a relationship with your community by engaging in discussions and submitting blog posts to your Google Business Profile.

Verified Reviews:

Depending on your Google Ads account settings, customers who booked a job through your Local Services ad can give you a review that includes a “Google verified” label. This means that the customer found your ad on Google and hired you to complete the job.

This review will be shown in your Local Services ad and will appear on your business profile if you choose to share it. If you don’t want your Local Services ad to display your reviews, turn off the option for customers to leave a review after booking a job on your business profile.

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